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18 December
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I am in love with Supernatural, so I come here to read those stories, but I am also a writer/editor in real life so I am thrilled to read great writing and give my feedback on that. I prefer to write flash fiction and so far have gotten one piece published in an online magazine, though I am so busy at work I haven't tried to publisg more in quite a while. I have also managed to complete two NaNoWriMo challenges so I do know what it's like to write until your fingers bleed.

I am happy to discuss beta reading for you! My first preference is Sam/Dean canon. AU is possible if you are maintaining some of the boys' character and family dynamics. In other words, Sam & Dean as space invaders and John is their caption - sure, I can go there. But no to Jared/Jensen as a girl, Jared as the older brother, or extra siblings other than Adam. Jared and Jensen as themselves are fine too if they are not in an alternative universe being detectives and the like. I can handle slash, though some kinds make me look through my fingers. I'll let you know if your kind is something I can deal with. You know what makes me cringe though? Total and complete fluff. I don't know why! Trying to get over it. :-)

I am a wife, mom of 2 and creativity is in my blood.
beta editing (supernatural only), bowling, jigsaw puzzles, movies, reading, traveling, writing

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